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Polytheism: The people in Mesopotamia believed in more than one god so they were polytheistic.

py.png-Image of Mesopotamia's most important gods.

Gods: The god An and the godess Ki are the gods of the universe. Enlil the god of the air is the son of An and Ki.

Creation Myth: The oldest record of the sumerian creation myth is on a single fragmentary tablet discovered in Nippur also known as Eridu. -This link shows the creation myth, a little discription at the begining.

Ziggurat: A large building made of bricks and mud with stairs that lead to a sacred temple at the top.

Ziggur9.jpgHeres a link about the culture of mesopotamia:

Why be polytheistic:

They were polytheistic because they believed that everything there is was made by an immortal figure and if they want those things to stay around they have to warship the god of that object.

Writing system:

It started off with bulla which was clay tokens used to keep records of trading. Then they made pictographs which was a way they kept track of records using pictures. Finally they made an official language for writing called cuneiform which was wedged shape writing with a stylus on wet clay tablets.



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The EPIC (poem) of GILGAMESH:

Gilgamesh: king Gilgamesh was bored with his daily life and wanted to go on an adventure. He and his friend Enkido went to the cedar forests where they would get lumber to build roof beams and doors. The lumber would be very useful because it lasted for a long time without decaying. In the woods they met a demon who threatened to kill them. With the help of the sun god they knocked him down and king Gilgamesh beheaded him. They returned to their city as hero.