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Specialization of labor

Woman- grinds grains, make beverages especially beer, cook and weave cloth for clothing

A plow is a tool that the Mesopotamians used for their farming labor. Specialization of Labor is the work that the Mesopotamians did. The word speciliztion means that people specilized in one job. The changes that made Specialization of Labor possible were the surplus of food that the farmers had and the irragation sytems that made the surplus of food.

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Warfare and empire

Between 900-630 BC the kings of ancient Mesopotamia built great palaces filled with colossal stone reliefs such as this.

This colossal sculpture stands about sixteen feet high and weighs forty tons.
They fought for security, believing that they could protect themselves by expanding into areas where threats might arise.

Conquest was considered the divine mission of the king, whose role was to bring more land, people, and goods under the jurisdiction.

Arts of Specilization of Labor

The Iraq Expedition of the Oriental Institute excavated the remains of the temple and its surrounding community between 1930 and 1934.

The climate and readily available natural resources determined building styles and construction techniques in ancient Mesopotamia.

Factors not only influenced the appearance of buildings and how they were decorated.

The ancient Mesopotamians developed the arch and column, and they were also familiar with the use of domes.

Masters of construction using bricks made of mud, the one abundant, but impermanent, building material.

Brick making was a major Mesopotamian industry, especially in the south, where wood was in short e was non-existent.

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Workers caused them to experience spiritual and physical depression.Believed specialization of labor alienated workers and caused them to experience spiritual and physical depression.


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