Agriculture Changes the World!!! For Better or For Worst?

Was the "invention" of agriculture good for humanity or is it possible that in the long run it was bad? That is a question that will be debated by students. Below is a link to a video on You Tube from Crash Course World History called "The Agricultural Revolution" that presents ideas on both sides of the argument.

Agricultural Debate Vote

Awesome work the last two days on the debate. Both sides made many good points. You clearly demonstrated that you were analyzing the evidence with a critical eye. Also, the way you all participated was respectful and considerate. I only wish this year's presidential candidates displayed the same thoughtfulness and cooperation. I am very impressed with how you handled yourselves and you get a "major award".

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1. Click Add Discussion to write your opinion as to who won the classroom debate and give at least one piece of evidence to support your view. Also, write your own views on whether agriculture was good or bad or something in between give evidence to support your view.

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