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Civilization Recipe pizza chef.jpg

A handful of ... Stable Food Supply

A smidge of ... System of Government

A touch of ... Specialization of Labor

A pinch of ... Social Levels

Mix with sauce ... Culture sauce - religion, writing systems, architecture, arts, education,

population, science

On this project students took the civilization recipe and using their creative impulses designed their own civilizations based on their own themes.


Briskeja is a small community with 500 people. Where we are ruled by Tyranny, one person who takes over and has total control on the civilization. We grow mostly sugar cane and harvest cocoa from our cocoa trees. We also have a variety of fruits and vegetables imported from near by civilizations. For the men, our jobs are, fishing, farming, and hunting. The women clean the houses, gather fruits, work at the market, and sell items at the pawn shop. Go to Briskeja where life won’t be the same without you.

Dawn Star.JPG
Dawn Star 2.JPG

Welcome to Dawnstar, this stands for working hard. We have 2,534 people who live in Dawnstar which is on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Our time period is 1400-1499 A.D. we believe in polytheism. Our civilization speaks Italian. Hope you have a fun time exploring Dawnstar.

Dreamsicle Is.JPG
Dreamsicle 2.JPG


Froyo2 (2).JPG

Welcome to Fro Yo Ville, where there are all different kinds of flavors!Such as, cookies n’ cream, vanilla, classic, chocolate, you name it, we have it!We have every topping from candy to fruits!You get a healthy dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all for $1.00!It is real homemade delicious fro-yo that you won’t want to resist!Enjoy your frozen yogurt along with a vacation to Fro Yo Ville, where you always get the best taste in the universe ! YUM!

Halloween town.JPG
Halloween 2.JPG

Welcome to Halloween town! We have 22,000 citizens that live in an area that is unknown. In Halloween town residents enjoy scary music, and gory paintings. Residents also enjoy munching on candy apples, candy, pumpkins, and just plain old candy. The famous blood river flows right through the town. Halloween town also has an award winning school. At the school the kids learn about trick-or-treating, scaring, carving pumpkins, and ancient Halloween town hieroglyphics. Also every Friday residents go to a local church to practice pumpkinism. The town has an oligarchy as a government, where difference high class monsters that rule the town. There are also plenty of jobs at Halloween town including costume making, candy making, pumpkin farming, and trick-or-treating. At any time if you want to take a look at Halloween town then just come on down!

Holiday Is.JPG

Welcome to holiday island!!!!!!! You will enjoy our 6 day cycle, Everyday is a holiday except for Sunday. We get plenty of resources from our mine, quary, lumber mill, and our farm. We store the surplus in our storage vault. Check out our writing stytem that we call haldoopa. Come visit our leaders Santa, the easter bunny , turkey tom and the head witch.At the one and only Holiday Island!!
Holiday Is 2.JPG

Jungletopia 2 (2).JPG
Our civilization is jungletopia. Jugletopia is a place some where down in South America, way back before the dinosaurs lived. Jungletopia has its own writing system. Instead of letters they draw their emotions and what they are trying to say about. If they are talking about the weather they would draw a picture of the sun, the clouds or rain. Also they paint on turtle shells for art, and they only go to school for 6 years of their life. Their population is 601,634 with out counting trees and ants. The population with trees and ants is 6,000,001,534. Our system of government and our hard labor takes care of all our needs!

Planet Sweets.JPG

Planet sweets 2.JPG

Welcome to the sweetest place in the universe, the Planet of Sweets. Everything on the Planet of Sweets is simply made out of candy. The planet is ruled by three people: the cookie monster king, queen and baby prince. If you decide to visit the planet, make sure to visit the Swedish fish lake, the Lollipop Forest, the Gumdrop Mountain, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Palace. Hope you have the sweetest vacation of your life!

Our civilization is RandomLand combined with the Hunger Games, Candy Land, and Minecraft. Everything is random in our civilization. This is what we mean we combined these three random things because we all like each one. In the Minecraft part of the civilization, it is responsible for stable food supply. Candy land is responsible for specialization of civilization. In the other side of minecraft is where our government and specialization of labor. The Hunger Game holds our culture in Random Land. This is our amazing civilization.

Welcome to Transportation Town. In Transportation town all the citizens are vehicles. One interesting aspect of our civilization is that everything is revolving around the government. The main “water source” is a fuel river. At the bottom of our classes is bikes and scooters. Then we have boats and after that we have buses. Next we have cars. Finally, at the top of our classes we have planes and helicopters. Lastly the bikes and scooters are slaves. They do most of the work in the civilization. The planes and helicopters are the rulers of the civilization.

Tropical island.JPG

Welcome to Tipr since 1800 B.C. In our culture we believe in two gods, Athena and Zues. In our government our leader is the Coco king and he decides all the laws. In our stable food supply we have slaves and farmers who plant and harvest our food. We have many fruits and vegetables and for meat and milk we have cows, chickens, and pigs. Our social classes are the Coco king, wikikaka, coco nuts, fruities, coco milk, and the coco slaves. Don’t worry about fresh water we have a filtered water fall and that leads to rivers and lakes.

Fruit world.JPG

Welcome to fruit world were tomatos and grape fruit are slaves. Pineapple and watermelon are the king and queen. There are many other fruits that are in between that are not as important as the king and queen. Also we have a flowing apple stream and a huge coconut pond that people drink from sometimes. GO HAVE FUN EXPLORING FRUIT WORLD!!!!