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Religion and culture:

Mesopatamians were polytheistic: Polytheisim is belief in many gods.

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Anu was the father of the gods and the god of the sky; Enlil was the god of the air; Utu was the sun god and the lord of truth and justice; Nanna was the moon god; Inanna was the goddess of love and war; Ninhursag was the goddess of earth; and Enki was the god of fresh water as well as the lord of wisdom and magic. The Mesopotamian's thought that myths are a common touch stone.

A ziggurat is a temple that the gods would "live" at the top of the ziggurat. The preist would overlook the ziggurat and live inside of it. Some people would leave statues in front of the gods so they could be praying forever. The ziggurat would also hold the surplus of grain, the preist would collect the grain and watch the grain too.Each city was protected by its own special god or goddess and their family. Large temples were built in the center of the city for these gods to live in
. Mesopotamian religion was the first to be recorded. They believed that the world was a flat disc surrounded by a huge, holed space, and above that, heaven. They also believed that water was everywhere, the top, bottom and sides, and that the universe was born from this huge sea. In addition, although the beliefs described above were held in common among Mesopotamians.
The people of Mesopotamia believed that their world was controlled by gods, goddesses, and demons
There were hundreds of gods who were responsible for everything in the world, from rivers and trees to making bread and pottery.
Heres an example:
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The mesopatamians had one of the first writing systems. Over time Mesopotamians evolved from script to cunieform. They used a bulla to write on it with their writing stencil called a stylus. The mesopatamians would not write freely. They would hire scribes to write down important accomplishments and events to mark it in that time of era.Scribes also are to record daily events, trade, and astronomy. They also invented pictographs and cunieform wich are systems of writing. The pictographs were like the first draft and cunieform was the final copy and is what they used for the rest of their civalization.
(Here is an example of cunieform)