From Floods to Laws

This page is intended to give you resources that will help to answer the essential question for this unit.

How did the flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers lead to Hammurabi's Code?

In order to answer this question you have to show a cause and effect relationship between many different events or inventions in the history of Mesopotamia in general, and Sumer specifically.

The picture below is a link to a site called HistoryWiz. When you click on the picture it will bring you to "The Sumerians Exhibit". On this page there is an "Exhibit Menu". There are two pages listed in the menu that are of interest to the essential question. The first page is called "The Cradle of Civilization". This page describes concisely the cause and effect relationship that lead from farming to trading. The second page is titled "Sumerian Writing". This page briefly describes how trading lead to writing systems.

history wiz.jpg

This video originally posted on You Tube describes the reasons why the sumerians invented writing and the process behind it.

This video demonstrates how writing evolved over time in Mesopotamia. It also demonstrates how writing was used for record keeping. Writing begins as a pictograph system, meaning a picture represents a word. It evolves into a symbol or syllabic system in which a symbol can represent a sound or a group of symbols represent the syllabels of a particular word. Many writing systems can combine both pictographs and syllabic symbols.