Explorer students will visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

The primary purpose is to visit the Human Origins Lab and learn about our early human ancestors and relatives. Students will have an opportunity to examine replica skulls of early hominid fossils, one example being the hip bone of Lucy one of the most famous fossil finds in paleoanthropology. Students also had the opportunity to measure the brain capacity of different human ancestors and examine tools used by these ancestors. They also had a chance to tour the rest of the museum seeing exhibits from the Great Mammal Hall; to the Earth and Planetary Sciences room with its displays of minerals and gemstones; to the exhibit of Arthropods, where you can see some of the biggest and creepiest "bugs" in the world.

We will go on the field trip around mid October and students will have the opportunity to post their pictures taken at the museum on this page. Below is a video of our trip two years ago. I also posted a picture to start the year off.

Explorer Field Trip HMNH 2009 030.jpg