Below are links to sites that have interesting activities and infortmation for each civilization.

Mesopotamia - This is the British Museum site and it offers information on Mesopotamia regarding subjects such as, geography, the gods, writing and timelines. Each of these subjects has a link titled Story, Explore and Challenge. Some of these links are text while the Challenge links are more interactive. There is also information more specific to Assyria, Babylonia and Sumer.


British Museum Ancient Egypt

BBC Ancient Egyptians

Virtual Egypt

Discovery Channel Egypt

Discovering Ancient Egypt by Mark Fillmore

The Ancient Greeks!

BBC Ancient Greeks - Be an ancient Greek hero just like Odysseus by completing the labors given to you! This is just one of the many different activities to try out at this site.

British Museum Ancient Greece Build your own Greek temple. Be a Spartan soldier training and try to steal eggs as a test of your cunning.

Kidpedia - Ancient Greece This site is strictly for someone looking for plenty of written information on all things ancient Greece. It has good information on the gods, architecture, mythology, history and much more.