Do you know locations on a world map?How about locations of the fifty states?Want to challenge yourself against others online?Enter the link below to find out how much sense you have about world geography.Geosense

ROCK ON! MUD BRICK ON!!! - no rocks in Mesopotamia

They Might Be Giants - The Mesopotamians

Do you know what this says?

external image H.jpgexternal image I.jpgexternal image S.jpgexternal image T.jpgexternal image O.jpgexternal image R.jpgexternal image Y.jpgexternal image space.jpgexternal image O.jpgexternal image H.jpgexternal image space.jpgexternal image Y.jpgexternal image A.jpg
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Play the game the kings and queens played c. 3000 B.C.E. at the city-state of Ur.What game does it remind you of today?

mesopotamia_game.jpg Museum

Here's a cool idea. How big are the pyramids really? What if they were built in Reading? Check this site out. You place the pyramids at your house and it will give you an idea of how big they really are.

how_big_really.png Broadcasting Company - Dimensions

Found this on the History Teachers Channel.- You Tube. This is a great strategy for learning, putting the information you need to know or just want to know to music. This song is about mummification in ancient Egypt. "A bunch of linen bandages""Some natron salt, a knife""I'm ready for the afterlife"

Here is a cool game about Egypt from the Discovery Channel called Enigma. There are four different challenges. The first requires you to put a broken relief together. The second is a quiz on your knowledge of Egypt. The third is a pyramid puzzle. The final is identifying imposter hieroglyphics. You can win a screensaver if you can identify different hieroglyphics and what they represent. Click on the picture below


happy_birthday.jpg congratulations.gif good-luck-card.jpg
Say hello to someone you know.Need to send a card to someone to say Happpy Birthday, Congratulations or Good Luck?Forget about running to the store and buying a card with those standard poetry stanzas -Roses are red Violets are blueThis card is dullAn unoriginal too!

Send a card that's really unique, a glyph card.Send one to your friends, your family, even your teacher today!

This place is really cool. Search for lost art and artifacts from Egypt, Rome , Greece and other historical time periods. Visit the Mummy's Tomb. Well done interactive game from a museum web site. I found it a bit difficult to navigate, but I am not very experienced with these games. It's worth a look.
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The Scale of the Universe 2

Use the arrow keys to take a visual cosmic trip from the tinyest objects to the biggest things known to man, from Quarks to the expanse of the universe. This site lets you compare the size and distance of many different things, like galaxies and a chicken egg. Along the way you can learn about each object by clicking on it.
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Scale-of U 2.jpg
scale of u.png