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How do we learn about History? We learn about history through sources. A historical source basically tells us something about a particular historical event. Your textbook is a source about ancient history. It was compiled by a number of historians. To write the textbook those historians consulted other sources. And of course those "other sources" were compiled by historians from still other sources. We can take this "other sources" idea all the way back in history an ancient Greek called Herodotus who lived in the fifth century BCE (c. 484 - 425). Herodotus is known as the "father of history". Herodotus wrote Histories, which in the original Greek could be interpreted as, researches or inquiry. Histories concerns the Greco-Persian Wars, in which the Greek city-states fought against the Persian Empire. But in large measure Histories contrasts the two cultures of Greece and Persia and the geography where they are located. Herodotus researched his writing by traveling throughout the Mediterranean area in search of sources for his writing. Another ancient Greek named Thucydides also made a great contribution to the methods of recording history. Thucydides, who lived from c. 460 - 395 B.C., Those methods Writing about history is very much like history itself, people build upon what other people have accomplished before them.

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