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Specialization of Labor In Mesopotamia
Specialization of Labor: Different people doing jobs that they become specialized in.

Some specialized jobs in Mesopotamia: Preist:

  • worked in ziggurats
  • communicated with the gods
  • make desisions of how to rule the land
  • upper class women could become priestesses

  • hunting
  • gathering
  • cooking
  • making tools
  • making shelters/huts
  • brickmaking
  • monitering irrigation systems
  • trade


  • farmed for food
  • rasied cattle, sheep, goats and pigs
  • grew grain
  • learn to control floods

Women and Girls:

  • freely go to the marketplace
  • buy and sell goods
  • handle legal issues
  • own property
  • start their own business
  • some could get jobs running the town or city government
  • girls were trained for roles of wife, housekeeper or mother
  • learned to grind grain, cook, make beverges, and spin and weave cloth for clothing

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