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Stable food supply: having enough food to go around.

Mesopotamians maintained stable food supply by maintaning their crops and watering them with irrigation systems.

Irrigation system: dams,cannals, and gates used to channel water from the rivers to the feilds.

The rivers that flowed through Mesopotamia were the Tigris and Euphrates.

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The people of Mesopotamia grew: They grew barley, crops, and vegetables

What did they do with the surplus of grain?: They traded for money and goods
What problems did they have concerning food supply? The people did not know when a flood would happen so that could ruin their crops. They also did not know when a drout would happen so that could dry out their crops.

One legend says: hanging gardens were built so that the king and queen could have a private place to enjoy their garden.
People today still don't know if hanging gardens existed back in Mesopotamia