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System of Government

A system of government is when people make governments to form laws and to
see that thier civilization runs well. There are many different systems such as when

only one person rules, only a small group of people rule, or a bunch of people rule.

Which kind of government do you think Mesopotamia had?
Oligarchy: A government ruled by only a few people.
Democracy: A government ruled by the people, were the majority rules.
Tyranny: A goverment when only one person has full power.
Theocracy: A goverment were laws of a god were interpreted through a priest.
Republic:A government in which the people have an impact on.
Monarchy: A government ruled by a monarch.

In Mesopotamia the government was a mix of democracy and monarchy .

In Mesopotamia there was also a "hierarchy," or social levels:
Priests: They made sure that everyone behaved so that it would please the gods. They were
also very powerful. And when someone was sick they would call a priest for help.
The Upper Class: The upper class wore better clothing and jewelry and lived in richer two floor homes.
The Lower Class: The lower class wore less jewelry and were paid to work. They lived in smaller houses but were comfortable.
The Slaves: Slaves were people who were either conqured in war or were in debt. They did no lead a comfortable life.

What did the government do?
The lugals or the king thought of themselves as gods and when they died they passed their power down to other family members. They provided military protection and leadership. Also they established laws and oversaw building projects. Later on the lugal divided the lands into provinces and appointed governers to rule over the provinces.