This page contains links to short videos that will help you to create different ways of presenting text information, videos and pictures on your wiki page.

To Do and Don't List

Below is a list that will help you create your wiki page
  • Use periods in proper places when creating what the Voki will say
  • Your Voki should give information about your topic and not just welcome the person
  • Do not link your research page to your wiki page
  • Do not make a link on your page to Wikipedia - find something less obvious - if people are looking for information about your topic they would probably like ot find links to pages that are not obvious, like wikipedia
  • A video does not count as alink
  • A link must be to another page or site

Tutorial - Download a picture from the internet to Soc folder

Tutorial - Link a web page to a picture on the wiki

Tutorial - Embed a video to the wiki

Tutorial - How to post a comment on a discussion post

Tutorial - How to create and publish a Voki

Tutorial - How to download an image to the Museum of Fine Arts page or any other page.

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