Unfortunately, we only have so much time to discover Egypt in class. Some of your questions we will cover in class, others we will not, at least not in any depth. Here are some links that can provide imformation you may be looking for about Egypt. There is a brief description for each.



This is a PBS program that tries to solve the mystery of Sphinx. It tries to answer the questions, who built it, when was it built, who's face is on it, and why was it made. This site also has a cool virtual walk around the Sphinx. Click on the Sphinx to go there.

I had a few questions about King Tutankhamun or King Tut. Check out the Discovery Channel link below. In this activity you will get to be a history detective and try to solve the mysterious death of King Tut. You will be presented with the evidence, possible motives, and suspects. It's up to you to solve the case.



Here is a great site for investigating the Valley of the Kings. The site is "The Theban Mapping Project. There is a short introductory video about the Valley of the Kings. You can take a 3D picture tour of many of the tombs, which gives you a good idea as to how elaborate they are. Those tours are done by showing 3 dimenional outlines of the tombs. There is also a 3D tour of the tomb of Tausert, one of the few women pharaohs. This tour is cool because the camera takes you into the tomb and shows you many of the hieroglyphs that decorated the walls.


Tomb of Seti I
Valley of the Kings
3D Tomb Outline
Tomb Side View in Ground